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Traci Fowler is a fat queer feminist artist and curator from Houston, Tx currently living and working in Chicago, IL. Her work has previously been exhibited at Neon Heater (Findlay, Oh), Franklin Street Works (Stamford, Ct), DfbrL8tr (Chicago, Il) and Threewalls (Chicago, Il) among others. She was a 2013 and 2014 resident at 8550 Ohio before taking on the role of head chef this summer. Her show Cotton or Fruit/Flowers (in collaboration with Trevor Schmutz) opens March 5th at Live (In) Gallery, Cinncinnati, Oh. Her work is multidisciplinary but currently she works in sculpture, installation, photography, video and performance. Traci is excited by humor, femininity and cheap materials.

Along with her partner, Trevor Schmutz, Traci operates a gallery in the kitchen of their apartment. Kitchen Space opened in April of 2014 and operates as a project space for artists to either adapt their work for the setting or create work in reaction to the site.